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Packaging & Logistics

Packaging & Logistics

We meet all your packaging and logistics service needs through optimization of time and cost in accordance with the requirements of today's global supply chains.

Trakya Döküm utilizes different kinds of packaging solutions based on the properties of the parts and according to requirements of our customers. For cast, machined or assembled parts the aim is to avoid any possible damages that can occur from the time parts are ready for dispatch until the parts are safely stored in the customer warehouses.

At Trakya Döküm delivery performance is a key factor for customer satisfaction and employees of Trakya Döküm is are aware of the vital importance of meeting customer orders every time with just in time deliveries and exact ordered quantities.

To ensures that the order is delivered on time, in the requested quantity, with expected quality and properties and to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction, all these processes are followed by integration with the ERP system.

To receive customer orders, various systems, including both web based and direct EDI systems are used.

Trakya Döküm works with sector leaders in logistics to ensure traceability, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction and to ensure cost effective on time deliveries, most suitable transportation methods are used.


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