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Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Continual improvement in environmental sustainability performance is integral part of our culture. At Trakya Döküm, everyone is responsible for environmental sustainability.

Trakya Döküm, which is located in Büyükkarıştıran/Kırklareli, producing and trading grey, ductile and malleable cast parts, commits to apply the requirements and understanding of being environmentally conscious in every stage and all areas of its activities, to support recovery and recycling activities, to reduce the amount of waste and to prevent pollution.


With respect to adopted Life cycle model;

  • To fulfil the compliance obligations of the interested parties.
  • To increase environmental awareness of Trakya Döküm organization and employees working on behalf of Trakya Döküm and related parties.
  • To review environmental aspects risks and opportunities by considering the life cycle model in product, material, and process selections.
  • To ensure improvement in environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance.
  • Being environmentally conscious while using energy, water and natural resources.
  • To prevent pollution by using new and improved suitable technologies in our production process.
  • Our environmental policy is open to all interested parties.

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